Kitchen Chaos – Done Sustainably!

by | Sep 28, 2021 | KITCHEN, Post

While I have never worked in a commercial kitchen, I am fresh off an experience that I suspect comes close to mimicking the “managed chaos” that defines that scene.  Earlier this week, my wife and I traveled to Milwaukee to spend a few days with our soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s family.  We arrived in time for a relaxing afternoon yet as the sun began to set and dinner was being prepared, a curious and chaotic scene unfolded in the modestly-sized kitchen:   Eleven children under the age of 12 milled about in varying states of need; 14 adults circled the kitchen island in search of a pre-dinner cocktail; an open and unused gas flame burned on the stove while, wait for it … the host decided that this was the perfect time to swap out the old refrigerator (including in-kitchen disassembly) for a new one.  At 6 pm!

Yet somehow, some way, it all worked out.   The kids settled themselves; chips and whiskey held off the crowd; and the old, now door-less refrigerator joined at least 4 others in a basement appliance graveyard.   Oh, and a delicious dinner was served, on time, seamlessly and with all families still intact!  In fact, once the literal dust settled, I could find only one opportunity for improvement (other than perhaps draining the old refrigerator before tipping it on its side and flooding the place):  replace the plastic tableware with sustainable bagasse offerings!

But that’s the point:  As I watched the scene unfold (and contributed my fair share by mopping up the water) I thought: “this is what Green Street USA is all about!” :  help you thrill your guests, support your business “family” and otherwise do what you do best, but in a more sustainable way!

In fact, the opportunities to go green (and beyond) are endless.   Energy efficient refrigerators and dishwashers  (best installed off-hours, by the way!) can save electricity and reduce your carbon footprint; biodegradable serving trays and those forementioned bagasse plates and containers minimize waste and contribute to a more circular economy; and sustainable cleaning products help you restore order once the crowd dissipates – safely and with a smile on your face!   And don’t forget, an employee safety and wellness program can calm nerves, reduce risks associated with those open flames and help provide some perspective when that old refrigerator conks out just when the dinner crowd arrives!

So check out our products, talk to our experts and help us help YOU get on the road to sustainability!  (And if you want that free 15-minute consult, we’ll even answer AFTER the kids are in bed, the guests have left and order has been restored).

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