One Small Step for You. One Giant Leap to Sustainability.

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Post

We all recall Neil Armstrong’s famous words upon setting foot on the lunar surface: “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

I think of those words when I contemplate the epic tasks now before us as humans. On the environmental front we face declines in critical native species from habitat destruction and irresponsible use of pesticides, as well as the rolling disasters resulting from climate change.

On the social front, we face increasing (and completely understandable) demands for a seat at the table from historically underrepresented groups.

And at the nexus of these two issues lies the matter of environmental justice.

It all seems so overwhelming, doesn’t it? Net zero. Circularity. Bioplastics. How is a small business owner supposed to track these transformative subjects when our Number One and Two priorities are and will always be satisfying our customers and making payroll?

Well, how about a series of small steps that may one day blossom into a giant leap?

At Green Street USA, we curated our small business product lists so embracing the necessary transition to environmental and social responsibility wouldn’t be so daunting. We believe when the nation’s 32 million small businesses simply do what you’re already doing but make it a little greener, great benefits will accrue to the planet and—not incidentally—to your bottom line.

Are you a restauranteur with take-out business? Make it greener. Do you have a campus to maintain? Do it greener. Restocking your break room? Just be greener.

When we look back at history, change appears to happen in great leaps. But in reality it’s a series of small innovations and actions that amount to progress.

Consider that the space program that landed Armstrong on the moon led to at least 20 everyday products that have improved life for all of us, from portable computers to ear thermometers to—wait, dust busters? Yup.

Who knows what progress lies in store for your business when you take the small steps you’ll find in our product selections? Give it a try and find out!

NOTE: The affiliate fees we receive when you shop help make our services affordable to small businesses and individuals. We only link to products we believe are greener than traditional alternatives.