What is the first thing you learned about Abraham Lincoln? That he freed the slaves? Led the nation through the Civil War? Was shot in a theatre? How about that he was born in a log cabin? Yup, that’s what stuck in my 10-year-old brain, and I’ve been pining for one ever since. Fast forward about 45 years and here I am, about to become the proud owner of a cabin (about the size of Lincoln’s!) that was originally built by a company called, you guessed it, Lincoln Logs!

This is the place I’ve dreamed of – set in nature, logs through and through, and with easy access to hiking, biking, boating and other outdoor adventures. While modest, it does have features the Lincoln family lacked including running water, heat and, critically, Wi-Fi. And it is about to become my ideal remote working environment, one that will allow me to expand my Green Street USA job description to “reliable customer!”  It’s true, “Green Street North” needs some greening before it can serve as an acceptable home office, so here’s the plan:

CLIMATE CONTROL: The metal roof should help with energy efficiency, but we’ll need renewables to deliver the heat. The solution: 100% wind and solar off the grid sourced from Green Street USA partner, CleanChoice Energy.  It’s a plug and play: provide the zip code, identify the existing provider, and go! Even with that, though, I’ll need to convert that propane-fueled gas fireplace back to wood- sustainably sourced, of course.

THE WORKSTATION:  The place comes almost fully furnished –couches, tables and lamps fully constructed from deer skin, bear fur and deciduous trees adorn the place – but nothing’s quite suitable for a home office. Yet it’s all just a click away: desks, chairs, printers and bulbs promise to quickly turn our rustic abode into a truly sustainable workspace.

THE NOURISHMENT: I expect – and hope – that the property will be frequented by wild game throughout the day, but they should fear not. This would-be mountain man does not own a gun and anyway, meat for lunch every day would be quite off-brand. Rather, my sustenance will, at least for now, consistent of sustainable snacks from Patagonia and organic coffee.

THE FACILITIES: While I’ll be tempted to use the great outdoors for this purpose at times, I’ll need the cabin’s running water and other bathroom amenities to handle those snacks and coffee. Again, Green Street’s got me covered: bamboo toilet paper, natural soaps and sprays, and an eco-friendly cleaner are what I’ll need to flush with confidence and a smile.

Practical steps and joking aside, our new mountain retreat is about something much bigger: The older I get, the more determined I am to become, in the words of the great poet David Whyte, “the ancestor of my future happiness.” It is a concept that an elementary school kid first learning about Lincoln could never appreciate but it is why we bought the cabin. It is also why I’ll continue to work from that (soon to be greener) space helping others do what they need to do – at a pace that makes sense to them – to embrace sustainability and make Each. Step. Greener!  After all, as Lincoln once said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.”  Green Street USA can help!